‘Nollywood actresses shave hair and lie about payment’ – Film critic Charles Novia

Nollywood actress shave hair

Popular Nollywood filmmaker and critic, Charles Novia, has reacted(not surprised) to the recent buzz in the media about producers dishing out huge sum of money to actresses for shaving their hair.

In recent times, actresses have found joy in shaving their hair and making a big deal out of it. More disturbing is the huge quotes these actresses make just agreeing to alter their looks.

In his usual fashion, Charles Novia took to his twitter page to vent and share his mind on the issue.

This is what he tweeted, “Seems to shave hair, blog it and lie about being paid huge sums is the new fad among some Nollywood actresses?

And the shaved hair might just be the only bit good about the movies too or why fuss so much about the hair?”

Chika Ike, who reportedly got N5million for shaving her hair, and Ebube Nwagbo are the latest culprits with the former going as far as posting a picture of the cheque issues.

I’ve always known something was fishy about these claims!

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