This is creepy! See Chris Brown’s artwork for song featuring Aaliyah


Chris Brown’s cover art for his single “They Don’t Know” which features never-before-heard vocals from the late Aaliyah is different shades of creepy!

As much as I love his tatted frame and drawn on nips, but not even his sexy pose takes away from how demonstrative the image appears. Given the circumstances of Aaliyah’s death, a plane crash where she suffered “severe burns,” it’s odd for smoke to circling Breezy as he stares into the dark.

We don’t think Breezy was attempting to be offensive, but the whole “I’m not down with the Illuminati,” I just enjoy misplaced goats and am going through dark times, steeze is getting out-of-hand! Then artists have the nerve to grow angry when you refer to them as devil worshippers.

RIP Aaliyah!

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