Wait, What? Yvonne Nwosu denies ever dating Ice Prince in interview


This is what Yvonne Nwosu told Saturday Punch  when asked about her relationship with Ice Prince.

She said:

“Ice Prince is just my friend. It has always been that way. It does not matter if I put up pictures. I could put up pictures of anybody. I never said anything, next minute people were saying I’m dating him. I never said anything. I don’t have a boyfriend, he is just my friend.

When asked why she didn’t debunk the rumours, she replied:

Me? You think I have time for Lagos? You think I want to go out there and talk? I don’t have time. I have better things to do, I’ll not go on Twitter and say it’s a lie. Say whatever you want to say, it is my life. I don’t do that.

Did the rumours make her feel bad?

No, I did not feel bad. He is a good looking guy so why will I feel bad? Do they want to dash me boyfriend? I did not feel bad at all, I let everything be.

I really don’t see any point in denying someone just because the relationship went sour. Its her life though. But lying aint cool.

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