Woolwich Terror Attack: Suspect identified as British-Nigerian Michael Adebolajo


Incase you missed it, there has been a shocking attack making the rounds since yesterday. It happened on the streets of Woolwich in London when two young black machete wielding suspects savagely attacked a man who has been identified as a serving British soldier. The poor defenseless victim was struck multiple times and according to several media outlets, the victim was “beheaded”.

This brutal deed happened in the full view of the public, but the suspects were eventually shot by Police officers and are presently being monitored in secure hospitals in London.

This is the recent report on the case by Daily Mail, “A house in a Lincolnshire village has been raided by Met police officers investigating yesterday’s alleged terror attack in Woolwich.
Officers swooped on the detached house as the name of one of the suspects was revealed on internet forums and Twitter as Michael Adebolajo.
He has been identified as the alleged killer seen ranting on video shortly after the murder of the soldier in Woolwich.
It is understood the men, who are being treated in separate hospitals while under arrest, are most likely to be British citizens of Nigerian descent who have converted to a radical form of Islam.
However, they are not thought to have links to terror groups based in Nigeria, such as the jihadist militant organisation Boko Haram.”

What a nightmare! It saddens me to see Nigerians abroad soiling our name.

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