#BBATheChase: Is Bolt cheating on Betty already?

Is Bolt trying to cheat on Betty already?

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Beverly has not been able to keep her disgust at Bolt’s shenanigans to herself. The Nigerian hottie took to the Diary to express how disrespectful Bolt has been towards her and most importantly towards his girlfriend, Betty.

According to Beverly, Bolt has been hitting on her. “He’s trying to cause drama and I don’t want it. Bolt touched my legs and told me he will kiss me before he leaves the Big Brother House”, Beverly said.

Is Beverly telling the truth? Could Bolt be trying to play the field, instead of trying to play the good boyfriend role he chose when he and Betty hooked up?

In his Diary Session, Bolt did not seem as confident as he used to be about his relationship with Betty. “I trust her…for now. However, I’m not sure what will happen between us once the show is over”. When Big Brother reminded him that he confessed his relationship with Betty was just part of the game, Bolt suddenly caught a serious case of amnesia. “I don’t remember saying that Biggie”, he said.

Betty on the other hand was her usual cheery self in the Diary Room and highlighted how important trust is. She told Biggie that she and Bolt have grown closer over the past couple of days.

Is Bolt and Betty’s relationship about to hit the rocks? Stay tuned for more updates!


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