#BBATheChase: Lesbo alert! Natasha hitting on Maria, touches herself below later


Is Maria trying to stir up trouble or is she telling the truth?

Looks like some of the Rubies are doing a lot of chasing this week. Maria spilled the tea this evening and revealed how she has two people in the House vying for her attention and affections.

The pint-sized Namibian told Big Brother that Angelo gave her a bracelet last night after telling her he wants to be more than friends. However, Maria claims she has a boyfriend back home and does not want to complicate her friendship with Angelo. “I don’t want to complicate things because they already are. After I turned him down, things changed. Angelo was distant in the morning. He’s avoiding looking at me and so am I. It’s really awkward,” she said.

Maria didn’t just end there. She revealed how an unlikely suitor has made an appearance, in the form of Malawi’s Natasha. “Natasha says she likes me. She says she likes girls”, Maria said with a giggle.

The next day something strange happened. In the wee hours of the morning, Natasha played naughty.

She purred to her fellow Rubies, “Don’t be scared if you hear a zzzzzzzzz sound while you sleep, it’s just me and my vibrator,” and then smiled mischievously like the cat that got the cream. Wowza, this Natasha sure likes to stir things up doesn’t she?

Her fellow Housemates were clearly taken aback by this declaration as Maria and Oneal quickly leapt out of bed to get a better listen to this intriguing bit of information. “Seriously if you hear a grrr grr sound, don’t think that I am shaving, I am not shaving,” she added while laughing.

Clearly, the chase is on! Lol

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