#BBATheChase: Natasha, Biguesas, Neyll, Annabel, and Pokello are UP!


The Diamonds want Bolt out and they want him out now!

After being saved from possible Eviction last week by his HoH girlfriend Betty, it would seem Bolt’s fellow Diamond Housemates are pretty serious about giving him the boot. This week, the Sierra Leonean leads the pack with five Nominations, courtesy of his arrogance and bossy ways.
See how both houses voted below….

In the Ruby House


Neyll – 1
Elikem – 1
Natasha – 5
Pokello – 5
Sulu – 2
Angelo – 1
O’Neal – 3
Selly – 2
Bassey – 2
Cleo – 0
Maria – 0

In the Diamond House


Bolt – 5
Biguesas – 4
Dillish – 3
Nando – 3
Annabel – 3
Motamma – 2
Melvin – 1
Beverly – 1
Feza – 1
Hakeem – 1
Betty- 2
Bimp – 0
Fatima – 0

Kenya’s Annabel was however swapped by the Head of House, Nigeria’s Melvin in the place of Sierra Leone’s Bolt. This is the second week that Bolt has been saved from eviction.

And, in the Ruby House, Botswana’s housemate, O’Neal who was up on the chopping block was saved by the Head of House, Ghanaian Selly who put up the ‘under the radar’ Angolan housemate, Neyll in his place.

Who do you think will get booted out of the BBA House this Sunday?

Image Credit: BBAfrica.tv

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