#BBATheChase: Oh dear! Bolt and Betty have s3x again, in the bathtub – Report


Big Brother Africa, is it really need for there to be cameras filming the housemates while they are in the shower? Well, its showbiz and it seems a lot of people watch that segment of the show so the producers are going to keep showing it.

The Big Brother AfricaThe Chase‘ Number 1 couple Betty and Bolt are at it again. First they had s3x in their rooms, now they’ve brought the party to the bathtub. Some say it is just another shower hour session. All i can see here is that they are seated in a peculiar way in the bathtub. I hope Betty is not getting played by the smooth talker Bolt!


bolt betty

I can’t help but wonder what Ethopians will do to the school teacher when she returns home.

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