#BBATheChase: Selly makes an unusual decision. Diamonds plot against Natasha!

Lovers parted! Tempers flared! Emotions ran high as Head of House, Selly announced her choice of four Housemates to swap Houses.

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The Housemates were shocked to their bones as Selly revealed yesterday to Biggie that she wants to move Angelo and Elikem to the Ruby House and relocate Beverly and Biguesas to the Diamond House.

Everyone had expected that star-crossed lovers Cleo and Hakeem would be reunited but all hopes of a speedy reunion were quickly crushed by Selly. The budding romance between Fatima and Elikem was crushed too. And just like Hakeem, when he learned that he would be separated from his lady love, Elikem was livid with the HoH’s decision and he pleaded to his fellow Diamonds, “Next week bring me back”. The Diamonds could not contain their disdain for Selly, “She is a real home-wrecker,” they chirped. Talk about drama with a capital D!

As for Angelo, Beverly and Biguesas they also looked hurt at the thought of being separated from their new families but they were more accepting of the situation.

What do you think of Selly’s decision? Was she being selfish?

Meanwhile, the diamonds house are at it again! The newest residents of the Diamond House want Natasha’s head on a silver platter.


The in your face Ruby lass has long been a hot topic among the The Chase Housemates and tonight the three former Rubies, Hakeem, Biguesas and Beverly came together to vent about the Malawian and hatch a plan to get rid of her.

“We have gotta plan something against her,” Hakeem declared. According to the three Diamonds; Natasha is a master manipulator and she is the one that has been influencing all of the drama that ensued in the Houses. Beverlywas the first to drop a bomb about the Malawian entrepreneur. “Natasha tried to pin me against Koketso and LK4,” she claimed. Beverly said that she refused to allow herself to be exploited.

But even more shocking than Beverly’s claims, were the allegations from the boys that Natasha influenced the Heads of House to move them to the Diamond House when they turned down her advances.

At the start of the show Hakeem and Natasha were as thick as thieves but their relationship quickly turned cold. Hakeem said that when he found out that Natasha was flirting with both him and Bassey he took himself out of the equation and found a true connection with Cleo. This apparently angered Natasha and resulted in her approaching Feza, during the Airtel Showdown between two the Houses, to get her to swap Hakeem to the Diamond House.

Biguesas shared a similar tale about Natasha. Biguesas and Natasha had been spending a lot of time together over the past week and he says that she wanted more but he didn’t and so Natasha used her friendship with Selly to get her to swap him from the Ruby House. “I like Maria, that is the reason that I am here,” he declared to the Diamonds.

Do you believe the Diamonds claims about Natasha? Is she really a master manipulator?

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