#BBATheChase: There are two snakes in the Ruby house!!!


Come on, not literal snakes as you might be thinking. This is what occurred today in the Big Brother Africa ‘The Chase’ house…

As the two new best friends, Natasha and Biguesas, sat in the room discussing the happenings in the Ruby House, Sulu entered, in his briefs and told the pair that there’s a lot happening in the House that they don’t know about.

He continued to tell them to open their eyes at all times because the house is filled with backstabbers. “There are two snakes in this house”, he said as he walked out and walked in again.

Natasha and Biguesas were not surprised in the least as this was the very same thing they were talking about. Sulu merely confirmed it. Although he did not mention any names but the two knew exactly who he was talking about.

Hmmmm. Who do you think these two snakes might be?

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