Introducing….. GV Celebrity Tweets Of The Week – Roundup

140 Characters can’t say so much but speaks volumes. Here’s my first ever weekly roundup of social media craziness from some of our favourite celebrities. I’ll help you stalk them on twitter so you don’t have to.

This weeks’ tweets are an intriguing mixture! There’s the sad, the funny and the inspiring.

Now go grab some sandwich and enjoy!


My favourite celebrity Donjazzy was honoured with the first bottle of the world’s most expensive wine made by luxury designer Alexander Amosu! Google the price. Lol

Kelly Hansome had some funny but honest words for people in a relationship. Is he right?

  See one more tweet below…

Ermmmm, what is Eva Alordiah trying to say here? Look beyond what you see… he he!


Will there ever be a celebrity tweet roundup without the famous Karen Igho? Nahhh, i don’t think so!

Hold on, one more tweet…

Come on Peter Okoye, we had no doubt you’ve been a fan of the late King of Pop, Michael Jackson. The talent is inborn we can see


Star boy Wizkid crashed his brand new Porsche car over the weekend. The car was damaged beyond recognition. Thank God he was unhurt!


The rumors people spread about celebrites baffle me. I wonder how they cope. Lmao!

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