Crowd surfing! Labrinth falls off stage after fans refused to catch him as he jumped


British singer Labrinth falls flat on the floor after he jumped into the crowd and fans refused to catch him.

This is a very funny story. It was not only Labrinth’s ego that was bruised when he tried to ‘crowd surf’ and the impromptu stunt went dramatically wrong.

He expected the crowd at the gig to catch him when he threw himself from the stage during a performance of his hit song Earthquake at University of Kent summer ball.
The 24-year-old rap singer fell onto the crowd at the gig on Saturday after shouting the lyric ‘Labrinth, come in!’

labrinth falls stage

A student who filmed the singer’s fall, compared the stunt to a ‘superman-like dive‘.
He said: ‘He kept asking everyone to put their hands up in the air, but none of us knew it was actually because he expected us to catch him – we just thought it was for dancing purposes.’ The impact had a knock-on effect on the rest of the crowd.

What is it with celebs and jumping off stage on fans? People pay to come watch you sing and not to be used as dominos. I know this cannot happen in Naija since the people close to the stage are usually VIPs. Pele o! Lol

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