Guess who’s back? Oprah Winfrey returns as ‘Forbes World Most Powerful Celebrity’


Yeah! Oprah Winfrey has grabbed her crown back from Jennifer Lopez. She is now offically Forbes Most Powerful Celebrity in the world. While Jennifer Lopez who had a wild time at the No.1 spot last year has dropped to the No.12 position. A lot of celebrities have dropped as well. See the full list below:


1 Oprah Winfrey $77m (income this year)

2 Lady Gaga $80m

3 Steven Spielberg $100m

4 Beyonce $53m

5 Madonna $125m

6 Taylor Swift $55m

7 Jon Bon Jovi $79m

8 Roger Federer $71m

9 Justin Bieber $58m

10 Ellen DeGeneres $56m

11 Hugh Jackman $55m

12 Jennifer Lopez $45m

13 Rihanna $43m

14 Coldplay $64m

15 Tiger Woods $78m

16 LeBron James $60m

17 Simon Cowell $95m

18 Katy Perry $39m

19 David Beckham $47m

20 Robert Downey Jnr $75m

Take a look at last year’s list and see who dropped or rose!

1. Jennifer Lopez $52m (income last year)

2 Oprah Winfrey $165m

3 Justin Bieber $55m

4 Rihanna $53m

5 Lady Gaga $52m

6 Britney Spears $58m

7 Kim Kardashian $18m

8 Katy Perry $45m

9 Tom Cruise $75m

10 Steven Spielberg $130m

11 Taylor Swift $57m

12 Tiger Woods $58m

13 Angelina Jolie $20m

14 Donald Trump $63m

15 LeBron James $53m

16 Beyonce $40m

17 Elton John $80m

18 Simon Cowell $90m

19 Rush Limbaugh $69m

20 Tyler Perry $105m

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