He likes the Skinny! Roberto Cavalli takes off Beyonce’s curves in new sketch, angers fans

What Has Roberto Cavalli Done To Beyoncé’s Body?


There’s a very important lesson that H&M recently learned the hard way — you don’t retouch Beyoncé. It would appear that Roberto Cavalli has yet to learn this golden rule.

In a sketch for the custom gown that he designed for B and her Mrs. Carter Show World Tour, Cavalli transformed the singer’s coveted physique from curvaceous to extraterrestrial. When i saw the image, i couldn’t believe that the designer was trying to pass off this alien-like stick figure as Queen B. In fact, it is so hilarious.

While fashion sketches do tend to depict women as unrealistically skinny, doing the same to Beyoncé , who notoriously takes pride in her natural shape (something far too uncommon in celebrity culture), sends the wrong message.

See Beyonce’s real look in the dress below…..


What is your take on this guys?

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