Just Like Mommy! Kim Kardashian’s baby has dark hair and ‘looks just like her’

Kim Kardashian’s Baby Looks More Like Her Than Kanye West


She has been in the world for less than a full day yet Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s new baby daughter already takes after her reality star mother in the looks department.

The new born is said to pay a strong resemblance to the striking brunette and looks less like her rapper father.
A source close to the couple has revealed that the little girl is truly a Kardashian Mini-Me.

‘She has dark hair,’ the source revealed to E News. ‘She looks just like Kim.’

It makes a lot of sense — the Kardashian girls, even Kylie and Kendall Jenner all have very similar features and it’s obvious that they’re sisters. Kim and her army of fans must be so happy that her baby girl looks so much like her!

It’s understood that the little girl is perfectly healthy but that no name has been released yet although the same source confirmed to E that it will start with a K.

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