Kolomental! Goat Goes Mad, Attacks People On The Street – See Photos

A furious goat went on the rampage around a Brazilian town and attacked anyone who dared to cross its path.

The animal was videoed as it butted a motorcycle and its two riders and floored a woman carrying her shopping through the streets of Londrina, near Sao Paulo.

One man, who thought he could beat the goat at its own game, was also knocked to the ground.

More pics after the cut:

On the run: A man flees from the charging animal that terrorised the town of Londrina in Brazil


Fighting back: Another resident kicks the goat after it had knocked the woman to the ground


During the confrontation, the man kicks the goat in its side but he is quickly forced to flee as the angry goat chases him around a tree.

A video of the stampeding goat is fast becoming an internet sensation and has now been watched more than 2.2milion times on YouTube in just three days.

The sound of the goat’s bell can be heard as it charges at passersby.

One woman carrying shopping bags initially laughs when the goat begins to follow her.

But things then turn as nasty, as it launches into her back and knocks her to the ground.

Not content with attacking pedestrians, the goat soon turns its attention to a pair of motorcycle riders…Continue to see more pics:


Attack: The woman does not know she is being followed until the goat butts her to the ground


Charge: The goat leaps at one man in the video that has been watched more than two million times


Crash: Even a motorcycle is targeted by the angry goat and pushes it and its two riders over


Friends: It is not clear why the goat was so angry and was seen with a smaller companion before the attack

As the bike gingerly edges past the animal, it takes aim and butts the vehicle over.The cameraman, who had been filming the drama, can be laughing throughout the video.

But he too is forced to run away when he becomes the target of the animal. The video ends when the goat is finally overpowered and tied to a post. It is then seen being dragged off by two men.

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