Lucky dude! Photos + Video of Rihanna giving male fan a lapdance on stage

Rihanna gives fan lap dance on stage during her performance on Diamonds Tour.

rihanna gives fan lap dance

Scantily clad Rihanna wearing just a leotard and a pair of tights for the performance

It seems the super-sexy singer Rihanna is drawing some inspiration from her stripper pals.

I know this is supposed to be all sexy ‘n’ that, but can’t help finding this video of Rihanna giving a fan a lap dance just a tiny bit cringey. I guess its mostly because of the guy singing seductively into Ri-Ri’s eyes though.

In footage from a 2011 concert which has only just come to light, she can be seen performing a raunchy lapdance for a delighted male fan.

Ri-Ri plucked a rather excited young fella out of the audience so she could show him a real good time.

Wearing a kinky black corset/swimsuit, the Stay singer can be seen straddling the man before grabbing his hand and putting it on her chest.

rihanna gives fan lapdance

Rihanna gives her fan a sultry stare as she edges towards him

rihanna gives male fan lapdance

Rihanna pushes the man down and then gets on top of him

rihanna fan lapdance

Rihanna flashes her thigh as she mounts him

rihanna gives fan lapdance

The fan stares at Rihanna who grinds his crotch vigorously


rihanna fan lapdance

Lucky dude enjoys the special opportunity

This isn’t the first time the 24 year old has sexy-danced for a fan – in June 2011 Ri-Ri rubbed her writhing body all over a female fan at a Miami gig.

Watch video below:

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