Memory Loss? Kim K laughed at the idea of ‘North West’ name on TV months ago

Kim Kardashian firmly turned down the idea that her child would be named North West in a March interview with Jay Leno.


Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s bizarre baby name instantly became the subject of jokes around the globe after it was revealed on Thursday.

Kim even found the name North West rather humorous when it was first raised in public during an interview with Jay Leno back in March.

She laughed at Leno when he brought up rumours Kanye wanted to name the baby North – ‘so he [or she] would be North West.’

Without batting an eyelash, a giggling Kim immediately dismissed the idea and the audience guffawed along with her.
‘That is not one of the names on our list,’ she insisted, before adding: ‘But that I do like Easton West.’

‘It kind of goes with North. I think that’s cute,’ she said with a smile.


Despite her chuckles, North West turned out to be no joke as the baby’s birth certificate leaked online.

She can eat her words now. Lol

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