Must-Read: A Letter to DSTV on Big Brother Africa from African Youths

Written by Alex Osagie


I urge and plead with All African Youths, let’s ask DSTV to give us a BBA where African Youths go and discuss, proffer solution to Africa’s Problems, not this morally loosed show where single parents who can’t keep their relationship go into the house to show their fallen bosoms, drug addicts, Indecency stars, ill-mannered people mix up and get rewarded.
Haba! Being Intimate in the public with somebody who is not your spouse? We can make this the last of that valueless program. Initially, it was okay but recently intimate immorality has found its ugly head into the show.

BBA sells immoral behaviour and attracts lots of fans who enjoy it. They even prefer open s3x every day. There is no single thing I learn from the programme, except promoting s3x and immorality. It’s time we ignore it.
How long does it take to imbibe a habit? 21 days and BBA runs 90days, subtly making people addicted to bad habits and destroying the values we hold dear that has built our families & homes.

Say NO to TV shows without value, reality shows with rich immorality is a NO NO!.

Do you honestly think this tv show should be scrapped?

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  1. _alphaspy December 25, 2013 at 4:09 PM - Reply

    I go with you on this and strongly believe that morality-destroying and life-wasting program should be totally scrapped. I blame our government and its agencies in charge of tv and radio entertainment for all this nonsense. They’ll ban some people’s songs and let pornography wild on Dstv

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