Oscar Pistorius murder trial case postponed till August, judge claims he faces ‘trial by media’

oscar pistorius trial case

Oscar Pistorius appeared in a Pretoria court Monday for a hearing in advance of the Olympian’s murder trial in the shooting death of his girlfriend, Reeva Steenkamp.

According to the Associated Press, the trial has been postponed to Aug. 19 at the behest of the prosecution, who needs more time to gather evidence.

The judge in the case warned that the Paralympic champion has faced ‘trial by media’ due to the relentless reporting on the high-profile case.

Pistorius was in front of Magistrate Daniel Thulare for about 15 minutes, speaking only to affirm his understanding of the bail conditions. He was stoic, according to the AP, blankly staring straight ahead throughout the proceeding.

Aside from postponing the trial date, Thulare also warned of “scandalous and possibly contemptuous” reporting with regards to purported crime scene photographs that were leaked last week.

Not only in Naija i guess. Very soon the case will be swept under the carpet. I hope they prove me wrong.

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