Oops! Rihanna caught on camera hitting fan on face with microphone – Report


Rihanna has been caught on camera purportedly violently hitting an over eager fan in the face with her microphone during a recent concert in Birmingham.

The scene was captured and posted on YouTube by a fan at the gig.

According to witnesses, Riri was running along the front of the crowd as she sang her heart out.

But over excited fana tried to grab her as she ran along, Rihanna was then seen turning back as she launched her microphone in the air and slammed it in to one fan’s face before continuing with her concert. Oh dear!

See the video below!

It is believed it was the same concert where Rihanna upset fans by turning up more than two hours late after partying with her model pal Cara Delevingne the night before.

Do you think she really did it?

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