Why I Don’t Wear My Wedding Ring – Desmond Elliot explains


I’ve been wanting to ask this question. Why do some married men prefer to ditch their wedding ring and claim they are still happily married. A lot of celebrities are guilty of it. My husband must wear this wedding ring o, celebrity or no celebrity.
First it was Big Brother Africa host Ik Osakioduwa, now its the Nollywood actor Desmond Elliot.
He gave his reason during an interview with The Nation

Why is it that most stars don’t wear their wedding rings, like you are not wearing yours right now?I honestly don’t know why. Sometimes, it’s because of the fear of getting it missing. When we are on set and you are not playing a married role, you’ll need to take it out. And sometimes it just might get missing

When last did you put on your ring?
When last did I stop shooting?
And it’s not an issue, is it?No, she kept it. She’s with it. Isn’t it better she keeps it than for it to get lost?

Are you married or know someone who is but doesn’t wear his ring? Tell us why you think they do!

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