Bad Market! Man caught raping his mistress as he mistakenly dials wife’s phone


A wife overheard her husband raping his girlfriend when his mobile phone accidentally called her, it was revealed today.

Matthew Stacey, 42, is starting a six-year jail term after being found guilty of carrying out the attack on Vittoria Di Franco, 34, of Ipswich, Suffolk, who has waived her right to anonymity.

The car salesman abused Miss Di Franco and duped her into believing he was single when they started dating – even though he was still married, Ipswich Crown Court heard.

Miss Di Franco – who wants to to encourage other rape victims to come forward – said: ‘I lived in fear. I was scared. When he lived with me my entire life revolved around his needs.

‘By telling my story I want other women to come forward and stand up to abuse. Victims shouldn’t feel ashamed. I don’t hate him, but I really hate what he did. I used to put up with so much because I didn’t want to upset him.’

She said he would come home so drunk he could barely stand up, adding: ‘He was really abusive, but he was drunk half the time. He used to buy me things as if it was an excuse for what he had done.

‘He was very extreme. I went on holiday once with my mum. When I came back home he had chucked everything of mine out – the washing machine, the phone, cooker, kettle, iron, hoover’

Stacey’s estranged wife heard him raping his new partner when the speed dial on his phone was unwittingly set off during the attack, the court was told.

Stacey and Miss Di Franco had met through dating website PlentyMoreFish, said Andrew Thompson, prosecuting. He pestered her until she agreed to see him in 2009, and they began a relationship. Mr Thompson added: ‘At times he would refer to her as the next Mrs Stacey.’

Miss Di Franco wanted to be identified because she said s3x abuse victims should not be ashamed. Rape victims are granted automatic anonymity – but she spoke out in a bid to help other women.

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