For Laughs: Are you interviewing for a U.S Visa? Don’t be this guy – Watch!

If you find yourself in a visa application interview say for the United States of America, don’t be this guy.

US visa

Ndani TV’s hilarious character Frank Donga has proved once before that he is incapable of going through a job interview unscathed and the skit is back with another unfortunate interview.

What happens when Frank Donga, played by actor Kunle Idowu, goes to a U.S. visa application interview is pure comic gold. He commits all the major sins – Donga seems incapable of understanding plain questions asked in the English language.

When asked what he does for a living, he replies: “I’m a professional”. And when the increasingly exasperated interviewer asks Donga to convince her that he would in fact return to Nigeria after his visit to the States, Donga says “it’s like going to market; when you go, you come back.”

Then there is the hilarious punch line at the end of the joke, which we really don’t want to give away, so just go ahead and watch for yourself.

Like we said, comic gold.

Source – Gistreel

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