Hair-tastrophe! Beyonce’s hair gets stuck in Fan while performing on stage

Imagine getting your hair stuck in a fan. Has to be one of the worst things ever, right?


Now, imagine being Beyonce – the most famous singer on the planet – and getting your hair stuck in a big industrial on-stage fan while you’re trying to sing a song that requires some pretty tricky vocal techniques.

Beyonce suffered a real-life EMERGENCY on stage at her concert last night … when her hair got stuck in a stage fan … and crew scrambled to free the singer … MID-SONG!!!!!

Queen B was performing “Halo” in Montreal when disaster struck … but like the PRO that she is, Beyonce continued to sing during the incident, NEVER ONCE MISSING A SINGLE BEAT.

Eventually, a crew member with a pair of scissors cut Beyonce free … and Beyonce sashayed away from the devil equipment.

After the show, Beyonce posted a poetic note to her fans explaining the situation … saying, “I got snatched.”


Just like a diva!

Watch the video below!

Source – TMZ

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