She don tire? Six Hospital Workers fired for spying on Kim Kardashain medical records

Hospital fires six workers for accessing Kim Kardashian and baby North West records


Mama Kim doesn’t want you invading her privacy. I wonder what happened to her love for publicity.

Six hospital workers have been fired from the hospital after “inappropriately accessing” Kim Kardashian and other patients’ records, according to the Los Angeles Times.

The privacy breaches occurred between June 18 and June 24, Cedars-Sinai said in an official statement. Kim was checked into the hospital on June 15 and left about a week later. The hospital workers in question reportedly accessed records for reasons not related to the patients’ health, which is what makes their offenses fireable.

They should be lucky the hospital got to them before Kanye did. Lol

How do you feel about what happened here?

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