Broaden your horizons with The British Council Fashion Film Workshop 2013


Fashion and film lovers, here’s a great opportunity you shouldn’t miss.

The British Council (in partnership with Lagos Fashion and Design Week) calls for applications from filmmakers with a deep interest in as a theme, adding range to their body of work and contributions made to art.

This fashion film workshop will take participants through the central aspects of the fashion filmmaking process. The workshop includes:

  • An illustrated introduction to film language using examples of fashion film;
  • Introductions to planning, shooting and editing a fashion film.  
  • Participants then plan, film and edit a simple sequence.

CRITERIA (who should apply)
The workshop is open to filmmakers and their teams which should include a minimum of the following: editor and director of photography / lighting technician. The team can also include art director (optional).

Each selected film making team will work with a design team comprising – fashion designer, stylist, hair / makeup stylist.

  • Experienced filmmakers, especially those interested in producing short films and experimenting in the genre
  • Applicants should be able to assemble the team required to produce their film (as listed and underlined above)

Download the application form here.

EQUIPMENT REQUIRED (you need to provide)

  • HD Cameras (e.g. Canon 7) for each film maker
  • Laptops with Final Cut Pro software
  • Lighting equipment for the shoots
  • Access to a location to shoot fashion film

In preparation for the workshop participants are expected to spend a bit of time thinking about their concept for their film and prepare:

  • Concept outline/mood board. This could be visual references for inspiration and express what they are hoping to achieve –  it might be written, but also could include imagery, examples of settings, lighting, shots, films, styling or art direction for example.  This can be physical or online – i.e. pinterest/clipboard
  • Select 1 fashion film they think is good and explain why. The links below show some examples of fashion film but applicants are expected to carry out more research to respond to the question

Yoko Ono – Fluxist Artist – early sixties movement inspired by Dadaists.

Interplay of art/ commerce and music.

  • Identify 2-3 potential, accessible shooting locations with consideration to a variety of settings, including indoors, outdoors, studios,
  • Selected participants will be given a brief in advance of the workshop to guide them on this preparation

Monday 9 September 2013 - (designer, director, stylist, hair/makeup, art director (if necessary), editor and a director of photography)

  • Introduction to Fashion Film
  • Creating a concept, mood boards treatment, storyboards, shot list

Tuesday 10 September 2013 – (designer, director, stylist, hair/makeup, art director (if necessary), editor and a director of photography)

  • Location Recce & b Shoot set up
  • Shoot on location

Wednesday 11 September 2013 (designer, director, stylist, hair/makeup, art director (if necessary), editor and a director of photography)

  • Shoot on location

Thursday 12 September 2013 (designer, director, editor)

  • Sound to visual exercise
  • Editing

Friday 13 September  2013 (designer, director, editor)

  • Editing
  • Present films to all participants

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