‘Cleanse, Highlight, Nourish!’ Natural Beauty Tips For The Woman Of Color


Do you still believe that an African American woman has limited choices for using cosmetic products? Well, gone are those days when this used to be a prominent belief. A number of beauty products are available in the market that best suit the skin type of African American women.

The skin of African American women has different characteristics because of the high temperatures and severe climatic conditions. Thus, it has its own altered advantages and disadvantages.

Here we are to give you some tips, so that you are aptly able to take care of your skin. So gather up girls!

Select Your Products

The universal rule of being aware of what best suites your skin applies even to women with darker complexion.  So, the first step is to get fully acquainted with which colour and product best suites your skin. A wide range of products with a wide ambit of colours is present and working wonders for the skin of African American women.

Judge Your Enemy Products

Natural way does not specifically apply to the fact that you have to stay away from makeup. Rather, it means that you have to make sure that you do not use anything which will have an adverse effect on your skin. Start judging what you use and decide what suits you the best and what not.

Cleanse Your Skin Regularly

Cleansing is the most important part of caring for your skin. Make sure that you clean your face with a suitable face wash at least two to three times a day. Avoid products containing fragrances, alcohol and other artificial ingredients. Cleansing will control acne eruption and tanning. It will contribute to a younger and healthy skin.

Use SPF Moisturisers

Best results are expected if you daily use a SPF moisturiser. SPF becomes a necessity for African American women as it helps them face and fight the harsh sun. Even makeup should not be worn without an SPF.

Highlight Your Beautiful Eyes

African American women are renowned worldwide for their beautiful and adorable big, bright eyes. You can make them all the more adorable by adding shades of taupe and chocolate eye shadows. Applying mascara and eyeliner with eye shadow is an easy way to adorn your already beautiful eyes and make them perfect for a party or any other occasion.

Use Natural Remedies

Try using chocolate mask, banana and honey mask for the face. They are best suitable for African American skin type.

Nourish Your Hair

African American women have comparatively dryer hair than women belonging to other races. The hair shaft is also said to be comparatively flatter than other races. Proper moisture is needed for such hair type. Go for jojoba oil as it moisturises and nourishes the hair follicles. As your hair is already dry enough, it will be better to shampoo it once a week. Conditioning the hair is a must.

Follow Healthy Diet

Last but not the least; a healthy diet is very important in achieving a healthy skin. Eat smaller portions at a go, workout regularly to cut the extra calories, add fruits and vegetables in your regular diet.

Every girl is beautiful, and so are you! The above given beauty tips and tricks will simply help you maintaining and enhancing your god gifted beauty.

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