Excuses! Policemen explain why they couldn’t stop Badagry brutal killing

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What an excuse! If the boys killed were their sons, would they fold hands and watch them brutally burnt to death?

The policemen, who were arrested in connection with the lynching of two youths (Ifechukwu Nwainokpor, a final year student of Delta State University, and his friend, Kazeem Onayemi, an apprentice)by an angry mob on suspicion of armed robbery in Ajara, Badagry area of Lagos State, have denied participating in the killing.

The six policemen were spotted in the video of the sad event as they “folded their arms” and watched the two young men being killed, instead of saving them.

They have been accused unprofessional conduct.

But Police sources told PUNCH Metro on Thursday that the policemen were insisting that they did not rescue the victims because they were ordered not to shoot by the incident officer ASP. They reportedly said they could not have dispersed the angry mob without using lethal force.

Very lame way of shifting the blame. It saddens my heart to see this happen in my country and unfortunately the police who ought to protect us are like toothless bulldogs. I’m so pissed! What are your thoughts on this?

Source – PUNCH

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