GV Celebrity Tweets Of The Week – RoundUp #3


140 Characters can’t say so much but speaks volumes. Here’s my weekly roundup of social media craziness from some of our favourite celebrities. I’ll help you stalk them on twitter so you don’t have to.

This weeks’ roundup of tweets are just completely hilarious.

Grab some coffee, tea or pap if you wish and enjoy!


bankyw food

All ye crushing on Mr Banky, this is further proof he’s the perfect man to date. But did he really make this himself? Yummy!

I thought Karen had a thick skin and didn’t care what people say about her? Well she was obviously a bit scared before the release of Jump and Pass by her kid brother which featured her. I love the song anyway!

Oh no. Dear lord, not let this style come back in my time. Lol

Please face reality Jazzy. They are hooked for life. Lol. Does this corroborate Toolz claim that Donjazzy has a huge crush on her? Hmmmm. Onome is watching, if you know what i mean. Lol

Ha ha ha! Shame on your Eva. Lol

I guess its her turn to be on the radar. Lol. Wondering who she’s referring to? Check her next tweet.

Some bloggers really need to chill though. I’m out!!!!

Tell them o! Preach!

Stay tuned for RoundUp #4….

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