Sad! Boko Haram dressed as the military kills 44 praying at a Mosque in Borno

Maidugiri JTF

Here is what Associated Press is reporting on the latest antics of Boko Haram,

44 people praying in a mosque in Borno State have been gunned down by suspected members of Boko Haram on Sunday August 11th. The heavily armed terrorists were said to be wearing military camouflage uniforms when they attacked the worshiping Muslims. Over 25 people were left with gun shot wounds.

The terrorists also attacked another group of people at Ngom village, 5 kilometers outside Maiduguri. There they killed another 12. It is not immediately clear why these attacks were carried out.

Can the government just tackle this issue not matter the cost? 44 lives lost again to these deadly terrorists is no joke.

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