Style Talk: How Has Men’s Fashion Taken a Paradigm Shift in Last One Decade?


The intensity of change in men’s fashion is far more than women’s fashion comparatively. It won’t be something new to say that fashion is not about what you wear, but how confidently you wear it!

We are not talking about just clothes here, but also hairstyle, makeup, shoes, and other accessories. During the millennium year, the fashion of having spiky wet looking hair was too much in trend and it lasted for around 5 years. Even now, we can see many men flaunting this style just because it suits them and so they are least bothered to try out something much trendier.

Men’s Fashion World

Quick Look at the Historic Changes in Fashion World

It’s said that fashion repeats itself in some years. Seeing the current trend, we can estimate that this period is around 30 years. The fashion of 80s has again hit the fashion industry now. Celebrities like Johnny Depp and Miley Cyrus are the best examples of carrying the 80s look now. Loud and bright colours and zebra stripes can be seen in women fashion that freshens up the memoirs of 1980s. Similarly in case of men, fedora hats have again come to their wardrobe and are considered to be a classic wear of today.

You Don’t Have to Follow the World!

It’s true that fashion keeps changing with time. But it’s not necessary that even you need to adopt those changes and wear fedoras like Johnny Depp. It’s highly possible that what’s currently in fashion is just not your style and it is completely acceptable. There is something else that has drastically changed the way men’s fashion used to be and that is attitude.

Men’s Fashion

Accessorize and Try Out Funky Stuff

Gone are those days when fashion was everything to do with suits and plain formal shirts. Jazzy ties and bright shirts were considered as very feminine. That time, wearing tuxedo suit was the only way of being fashionable. Dress shirts were never paired with jeans because it looked too formal. This was the story around 50 years back. Now, things have changed and so has fashion. Even fashion industry has taken a shift from the black and white phase to a bright coloured phase. Today’s fashion is about wearing CP Company Goggle Hoody with ribbed jeans and trendy shoes.


The Contemporary Metro-Sexual Men of Modern Society

Then there are metro-sexual men in the society today, who are very particular and conscious about their looks. They are the ones who never hesitate to try something different and out of the box unlike our men from the past.

These men shape their eyebrows, wax their chest and arms, are fond of wearing men’s jewellery and most importantly they do all these very confidently. Jokingly, these attributes are noticed to determine the sexuality of a man- whether he is homosexual or straight!

Metro-Sexual Men of Modern Society

On the Whole

The change of fashion from a retro man to a metro man has taken a great shift. But, what is more important is the fact that the idea behind looking good seems to be lost somewhere in the race of fashion and trends. It’s ironical that people have become very particular about their looks, but somehow ignorant of looking good. For men today, what matters is latest trends and creative fashion.

Author Bio: Andy Mathews is a fashion follower, who keeps himself updated with latest fashion trends. He runs a fashion blog for men and his tips are highly appreciated by thousands of men.

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  1. roxics April 13, 2014 at 11:09 PM - Reply

    Men’s fashion needs a serious revolution and not just on the runway but at Walmart, Target and places that typcial guys shop for cloths. Men’s clothing is so boring. We needs skirts and tights and high boots/sandals, brighter colors, patterns, lace, whatever. Not just the same boring jean and t-shirts, suits and button-up shirts we’ve had forever now.

    I walk into any store and women have so much variety and men so little.

    It’s also time we stop associated guys who like to look nice or experiment as being gay. Women have the utilitarian men’s fashion as an option for themselves, it’s time men have women’s more pretty/sexy/cute fashion as an option for themselves.

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