From Beginner To Pro! 6 Pretty Easy Ways To Wear Your Eyeliner

Whether you wish to learn how to create a basic straight line, perfect your cat-eye/smoky eye, or learn creative new tricks, consider this your complete guide to all things eyeliner.

There are lots of great, easy ways to wear your eyeliner and make it work for you that won’t leave you looking like a raccoon.

Here you go….


1. Top Lashline
This is the simplest and can’t-screw-it-up way to wear your liner, so we’ll start with it.
Method: Apply a kohl pencil liner from the inner to the outer edges of your upper lashline. Close your eye and pull your lid outwards to draw your line. For your first pass, wiggle it in between your lashes to make them look thicker and on your second pass make the line thicker if you want. Get a small angled brush and smudge the line to make it softer if you’re afraid you won’t create a straight line.


2. Colored bottom liner
This statement look is easy to wear that you think even if you know nada about applying eyeliner. All you need for this bold look is a long-wear pencil liner in a bright color of your choice. (Long-wear liners are usually twist-up pencils, so you can’t control the sharpness of the tip, which prevents drawing a straight edge). I prefer light blue or pink. However, unlike kohl pencils, long-wear pencils will give you bold matte color that’ll last for hours.
Method: Using short strokes, apply the liner to just your lower lashline from the inner to outer. Optionally, you can apply eyeshadow in the same color family to your upper lids, but make it two shades brighter. Break up the bright color by applying a thin black line to your upper lashline and apply mascara. You’re good to go!

White Cosmetic pencil.

3. Brighten eyes
Didn’t catch enough sleep the previous night and you need to be at work the next day morning, this trick is for you. It’s the oldest trick in the book to appear awake and bright-eyed.
Method: All you have to do is to apply beige-colored eyeliner to your lower inner rim (aka your waterline). It helps counteract tired, red eyes and makes your eyes look larger. With your index finger, gently pull down your lower lid to expose your inner rim. Then with your pencil, gently go over your waterline, taking care to not poke yourself in the eye.


4. Natural definition
The upper inner rim is an equally important area to define, though it doesn’t always get as much attention as its lower counterpart. Applying black liner to your upper rim will intensify your lashline, giving you natural looking definition without the hard edge of a liner.
Method: Lift up your upper lid, while looking down into a mirror, and apply the black pencil in short strokes. Be careful not to overdo it as our intention is make it look natural.


5. Smudged wraparound
The smoky eye is way easier than it looks. Yes! All you basically need is a black kohl pencil and a flat angled brush.
Method: With your pencil, scribble a line along your upper lashline from the inner corners to the outer. Line your lower inner rim with the liner as well for instant definition. Then draw a line along your lower lashline until you connect the two lines at the outer edge. With your flat angled brush, smudge the lines out around the entire eye until you’ve achieved your desired level of smokiness. The importance of smudging cannot be emphasized. Otherwise, you’ll end up with a hard line that.


6. Winged tip
A winged tip is one of the most versatile eye makeup looks. You can choose to do a subtle wing or a bold thick wing. For this look, you need a good, smudge-proof cream or gel pot. A beauty guru recommends using a pot over a liquid liner for this look, because liquid tends to have a more reflective finish.

elongated eyeliner

7. Elongated eye
This is for those with close-set or small eyes. You can lengthen the width of your eyes by focusing your liner at your outer corners.
Method: Using a cream liner, draw a line from the middle of your upper lashline to the outer edges without winging it. Then apply the liner to the outer third corner of your lower lashline, connecting the tip to the line you made above. This is perfect for rounder eyes to create more angles and add a hint of sexiness.

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