Denrele Reveals Why Beverly Was Selected For Big Brother Africa “The Chase”


This is for you all thinking Soundcity TV personality Denrele Edun has a special trick for getting into the Big Brother Africa House. During an interview with Vanguard, he reveals how Nigerian representative Beverly Osu was selected:

He says:

“I had a lot of people come to me during the ‘Beverly season’ funny thing is that we filled Beverly form in Goldie’s house, Goldie was in US at the time, I had filled 12, then another 12 infact close to like 50 people, everybody had their own personality and I had to make it special for everyone.
‘In her (Beverly) own case, I kept telling her oya (sic) start writing, she was a little non-challant, before we even got Beverly to write it was difficult, others took it seriously, we just need people to give us that extra push in this country which is what we lack, the industry is wide enough for everyone.”

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