Must- Watch Video! Young Flower Girl Takes Over The Dance Floor With “Gangnam Style”


This flower girl is destined to become the newest viral sensation after stealing the show at a wedding ceremony with her incredible dance moves.

When Justin Bieber’s “Baby” starts, the girl takes over the dance floor, delivering a step-for-step routine to the song before really letting loose to Psy’s “Gangnam Style.”

The whole room is utterly amazed at the eerily precise choreography and showmanship. She doesn’t look to be more than 5-years-old, but is clearly destined to be a star, ending her epic performance in splits.

Check on the video below:

Brides usually have to worry about being upstaged at their wedding by girlfriends their own age. Bet nobody was expecting the flower girl to be the star of the wedding party.
If she’s dancing with this much energy so young, one wonders how she’s going to dance at her own wedding in 20 years or so!

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