How To Participate In The @MTNNG Songstar Karaoke Competition With @Donjazzy

mtn songstar

Do you love karaoke? Yes! Do you wish to win a brand new Porsche car? Of course!

These are the 10 facts you should know if you wish to participate in the on-going MTN songstar Karaoke competition with Donjazzy:

1. The MTN SongStar Contest is only available to MTN Subscribers.

2. You have to Download and Install MTN SongStar from the MTN NextApp Store to participate.

3. Download tracks from the rich library of karaoke songs pre-installed on the App. Sing to the track, record and share to the MTN YouTube channel within the app.

4. As a contestant, you are to encourage friends and family to view your shared video[s] on the MTN YouTube channel.

5. Shared videos will be selected based on number of views.

6. The competition which started on September 6, 2013 and will end in November 29, 2013. During which there will be a monthly contest in which 10 monthly winners will emerge based on number of views generated. The contestant with the highest number of views in the month will be the overall winner for the month.

7. There will be monthly cut off dates: For the month of September on October 4, 2013, for October on November 1, 2013 and November on November 29, 2013.

8. There will be three finalists from the monthly play and another three selected by a wild card procedure from the general participants will compete for the ultimate prize of the Porsche Cayman and a record deal in a live performance contest.


9. This will be judged based on finesse and musical craftsmanship by the carefully selected panel of judges.

10. For now, the application is only available to smart phones with operating systems; Android OS versions 2.3 and above, Blackberry OS 6, 7, 10 and the Nokia Asha series

Watch the video below…

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