Taking It To The Next Level! Access Bank Unveils Plans For Multi-Channel Banking Platforms


One of the leading corporate banks in Nigeria, Access Bank Plc unveiled its plans to explore multi-channel banking platforms in a media interactive session held at their head office on Saturday, August 31st in Lagos, Nigeria.

It was all about taking strategic communications to the whole new world class level in order to meet the needs of their wide customer base.

While speaking to the press, the Group Managing Director/Chief Executive Officer of the bank, Mr. Aigboje Aig-Imoukhuede revealed the bank is embarking on the next stage of a transformation programme that began 10 years ago.

Some of the soon-to-be launched platforms introduced are:

– A new system of banking that will allow companies to transfer funds in different accounts to consolidate into one through the computer

– Platforms for parent to monitor, instruct and micro-micromanage payments for their child’s account

– Multilingual contact centres

– 24/7 e-banking branches

– Social media banking to meet the needs of their internet savvy customers

This is really impressive given the fact that they put their customers first and in the center of their business.

The Group Managing Director also said by 2015, it hoped to have become a diversified,”high-performing bank” in the country, using technology as a competitive advantage. As a result, the bank is targeting one million mobile phone customers in the next 12 months.

Acc ambition is to be the worlds’ most respected African bank. We hope we can be part of a change, pushing for a society that functions well, and is fair and transparent.”

Everyone business has its goal and long term achievement. Access Bank is not left out as we were informed they simply want be described as the world’s most respected African bank. A unique goal which sets them apart.


“Our people work hard, and we think we have the most highly skilled, disciplined and ethical people in the industry. We seek out promising talent and grow them into strong professionals with the potential for leadership. This is something that we have become rightly famous for”, Mr. Aigboje stated.

The Deputy Managing Director Mr Herbert Wigwe gave a brief presentation on the company’s Communication Imperatives. He stated that the bank has undergone rigorous research to segment the needs of the Nigerian public and have thus customised their products, services and relationship management to create a delightful experience for their customers.

He continued, “Knowing our customers is at the heart of our business model. Working with some of the world’s biggest companies, we grow their business by empowering their employees, suppliers and distributors.

“We are giving millions of individuals the power of banking. We want to develop the society around us, supporting local entrepreneurs and investing in communities. As major funders of business, we use our influence to make sure companies become more sustainable by raising their standards in this area.”

He also added, “By being a flag-bearer for responsible business, we’re setting new standards for the industry. We actively work with the government to create the policies which will lead to economic prosperity.

The session ended with a buffet-styled lunch and a very informative tour of the Access Bank head office facility currently undergoing some major renovations.

Treating customers fairly has also been a way of life of Access Bank Plc setting them apart from the lots. We have hopes that they’ll no doubt take Nigeria banking to the next level sooner than we think

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