“I Think I’ve Been Robbed Of My Privacy” – Tinsel Star Tomi Odunsi


Tinsel star turned-singer Tomi Odunsi recently had an exclusive interview with Punchng where she talks about her experience in Tinsel, delving into the music industry and her relationship status. Read the full interview below…


My name is Tomi Odunsi and I am in my 20s.  I am a graduate of Linguistics and African Languages from the University of Lagos. I majored in Yoruba language.

Journey into acting

I was on stage one day when the production crew members for Tinsel who were in the audience called me to audition for a character that they had been looking for. They wanted someone who could sing as well. Thankfully, I got the role. I was excited and nervous at the same time but for a first major TV role, it was a challenge I was glad to face.

Family support

My dad is a lecturer while my mum is  a businesswoman. I have a brother and sister. I didn’t have to convince my parents to allow me toe this path. My family have supported me all the way. They didn’t even have to see me act before accepting my choice of career because they believe in me and my talent.


I wouldn’t say I’ve made it big in the industry but I have not done badly either.  I have gotten positive feedbacks and featured in some Nollywood productions which will be released soon. They include ‘In the Music,’ ‘Runs and Render to Caesar,’ to mention a few.


My role in Tinsel

It wasn’t an easy one. I had to switch to a local Yoruba dialect to enable me play Salewa convincingly. I immersed myself in the character. I went in search of the diction. I actually went to the market to meet with women from that tribe. I was taught how to speak like them and I practised. It was a lot of fun so I enjoyed it regardless of the challenge. Thanks to the directors, they were quite patient with me.

I love music

I started by composing and writing my own songs a long time ago. Music and acting for me is the package. It’s performing arts. Your talents are God given and He expects you to use them. I love music as much as I love acting. That’s who I am. It’s not an experiment; it’s what I know that I can do very well.   I’ll keep working hard till it yields fruits. I’m not alone in this, God is in support; my team knows my strengths and believes in me.  I will release an album as soon as there is a  demand for it.


My only competition is me. Besides, there’s enough space in the sky and there’s competition everywhere. All you have to do is do your own thing and use your unique selling point like manufacturers use in marketing their products. Competition in the music industry is really high and can be discouraging but I can’t let that pull me out. We’re all in this together.


When fame came, I had no choice but to embrace it. Sometimes, I think I have been robbed of my privacy. I cannot do some things in ways I like because people might be watching and you know it’s easy for people to read meanings into the simplest of things. The most difficult thing about being in the limelight is that a lot of people look up to you. I have decided to be myself and not live a lie. The good part is you get paid for being in the limelight.


I like to look simple but classy at the same time.

When I am not working

I like to sleep or watch television.


I am not going to discuss that but my Mr. Right   must be a good man, know what he wants and be God- fearing.

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