Video Review: Omawumi – Warn Yourself

Written by Adesanya ‘Breezi’ Oluwatosin


Omawumi Megbele has got ‘it’ and she needs no one to state the obvious. But you see, no matter how fantastic a song is, a video can pique or shoot up its ratings. The singer unveiled yet another video which could be on its way to the top of the chart. In the Video for “Warn Yourself”, she depicts a black woman in her 30′s getting hit on by a young suitor who needed to show a level of maturity to impress her. The Video helped project the funny street phrases the ‘Warri girl’ weaves into her lyrics.

The Mega produced video didn’t deviate from the theme of the song, which is common with many videos out there. The dominant use of street scenes compliments the content of the song. Though the montage could use a little more work as some of the pictures stitched together were unnecessary or could be revamped.

The rain of ribbon pieces during and after her performance with the trumpet was unnecessary. Also the scene with the black backdrop could have used fewer dancers or a brighter background. The rooftop scene was the high point of the video.

The video clarity is just great and continuity was okay. The costuming was somewhat boring; the stylist could have put in more effort instead of the predominant use of leggings, as it’s becoming outplayed.

Those expecting to see Wizkid in the video would be disappointed as he didn’t feature in it. He probably couldn’t make the shoot and Omawumi couldn’t wait. Someone who has no prior knowledge of the original song wouldn’t be able to tell Wizzy was in it as the song was tailored to cover up his absence. Wizkid could have brought more attention to the video, but his absence does not shoot down the impact of the video.

Checking reactions online,some say the video is great, while others believe it doesn’t measure up to her previous effort. Above all, this video deserves a replay.

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