“I Wouldn’t Mind Endorsement Deals From Glo or Etisalat” – Beverly Osu Talks About The Fame


Nigeria representative of Big Brother Africa ‘The Chase’ Beverly Ada Osu has a very revealing interview with Onos O of Bellanaija and this is what she had to say about her new fame status…. Read excerpts of the interview below!

So, what is post-Big Brother Beverly Ada Osu like? Has she changed?
First, my personality has changed. There are some things I can’t do outside. I’m a really playful and jumpy person and before, I could just walk up to a stranger and say ‘hi!’ but now, I can’t do those things. My management reminds me that I can’t do some things.

Is this new fame taking a toll on you?
It’s not as if the fame or anything is not letting me be myself. I am myself but in a very reserved way. I am not a reserved person but now, if I want to be mad, I have to be mad inside or with insiders. Outside, I’m conscious of my image; I can’t be lousy. It’s actually a nice grooming. It’s teaching me how to carry myself.

Your new found fame has made you a trending topic on social media and even in songs. Ace Rapper, Vector sent a subliminal message to you in his verse for Olamide’s “R.I.P”. He said, “Life is a b***h and I put my hands to work like Angelo in the BBA”. How did you feel about that?
I don’t know if I should feel good or bad about it because I don’t really understand the line. I’m still trying to understand the lines first for me to appreciate it.

Any endorsement deals on the way?
Not yet but we’re getting there. I wouldn’t mind Glo or Etisalat or probably a make-up line because I’m a make-up artist even though I don’t love make-up on my face. Yeah, a make-up line sounds good because it relates to my personality.

Have any old friends or distant relatives, who were previously unsupportive of your career choices just popped out of the woodwork?
Oh my! A lot of people, not even relatives, have. They say, “haters will always turn around to love you”. I didn’t know what was happening in the outside world when I was in the house but my best friend, Charity Owoh has told me and showed me munched screens of what some people said. I’m the kind of person that trusts people a lot but right now, I just have a permanent smile for all those people I can’t avoid. You have to just accept people like that because people pretend a lot.

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