Iyanya Gets World Most Expensive Perfume From Girlfriend, $25,000 Rolex Watch From Manager,


Kukere singer Iyanya got a luxury surprise gift today as he celebrates his birthday.

His manager Ubi Franklin surprised the singer with a $25, 000 Rolex gold watch.

But that’s not all, he was also presented with a set of Clive Christian, the world most expensive perfume currently sold at about N300,000. This luxury perfume is rumored to be used by the Queen of England, Queen Elizabeth.
According to reports, this gift is from his current girlfriend. Congrats to Iyanya on his acquisitions.

But seriously, why do we wait for a particular day in a person’s life to give gifts? Don’t take this as a spoiler. I just don’t see the point in making a big deal out of birthdays. Lol

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