So This Is The Real Reason Why Karen Igho Had Breast Implants


Publicist of ex-BBA star Karen Igho has released a press release to clarify the hacked tweets meant to diss Ghanaian actress Yvonne Nelson. She revealed the reality show star had breast implants because she found a lump in her breast not to look more attractive.

She probably had a Mascetomy which involves removing some breast tissues and relaxing with silicone to reduce the effects of breast cancer.
Read the release below:

When Karen got the alert, she made several personal gestures to clarify the position of the tweet and the tweetee, but none of the enquiries was answered and a claim of handle hacking was implied by the Nelson camp.
Just to update the hackers orchestrating a forced beef between Yvonne Nelson and Karen Igho brand, Karen’s resort to breast implants were as a result of lumps found and removed in her breasts and not to attract or retract any man.

I think we really need to cut her some slack on this.

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