Reflections Of An Angry And Frustrated Man – Emmy Collins Writes


Controversial fashion designer-turned blogger Emmy Collins has received massive criticism over the past few months for his outright attack on some celebrities. Well, he has this to say to all of us:

Folks who take offence to my hard-hitting and no holds barred blogging tactics usually insinuate that I am an angry and frustrated individual.Well,they make that comment usually when they reckon the saying will get under my skin, but you know what? Those individuals are abso-*ucking-lutely spot on. It is what it is. I am DEFINITELY an angry and frustrated man but hey, have you considered why I am this angry and so frustrated to the extent that I have thrown all caution to the wind and decided to take the bull by the horn?

Well, for a start I am angry that we have Morons,Thugs,and Educated Idiots at the helm of affairs in my country.

I am angry that our so called celebs that have enough fans needed to effect positive changes are only happy to use this opportunity solely to their selfish advantage or to further their botched careers undeservedly.
I am angry that our half-baked celebrities don`t realise how much power they have and are completely oblivious to the impact they can create in our society.
I am angry that musicians with little or no talent have infested our airwaves and poor ears with songs that have nonsensical lyrics
I am angry that we have plane crashes that could otherwise have been avoided if only we did the simplest thing by placing the right pegs in the rights holes.
I am angry that my industry, the fashion industry, has been invaded by people who know diddly squat about fashion.
I am angry that Nollywood is still insulting us with the rubbish they pass off as movies despite the various talents and content that abound in all nook and crannies of the country.
I am angry that pastors are acquiring private jets and some of us don`t view that as problematic.
I am sad that my country isdeteriorating daily and we continue to fold our handsand lie in the debris of our society.

Oh Lord Almighty, Abasi, Chineke, Oluwa, I could go on and on and on but then we will be here all day and I would still have to go and hustle for some Naira to purchase fuel to run my generator.

Oh yes! I am angry and frustrated and you should be too if you love and value your country. We certainly could do a whole lot better.

YES, YES and YES, I am angry and I will never see this from a derogatory point of view whenever people point to the obvious fact that I am…..IT IS WHAT IT IS.

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