#TeamNaturale! Step By Step Tutorial On How To Do A Simple Top Knot


Oh Naturale! I’m a huge fan of natural sisters and started my journey to transitioning months ago. I found this great tutorial from Nicole Melton at www.Essence.com and thought to share it with you guys.

It works for both virgin and relaxed hair so anyone can try it. It has some twists, needs minimal material and will literally take about 10-15 minutes.

Here is what you will need:
-A Hair Brush
-Bobby Pins
-A Wide Toothed Comb
-A Tail Comb
-Leave-in Conditioner
-An Elastic Hair Rope (you can use a shoe lace as an alternative)


How To

Step 1
Brush your hair upwards with the hair brush and pull slightly upwards while brushing. You could add in some leave-in conditioner now to untangle the hair.

Step 2
Place the hair rope or shoe lace at the nape of your hair and wrap it to the front of your head. After you have done this, slightly push the rope upward while pulling the string tighter to keep the hair in place. When you have gotten to about 2 inches away from your forehead, stop pushing the string and tie it securely.

Step 3
Section the hair in the middle of your head out. Add a little leave-in conditioner to the section and make a loose twist. Do the same to the remaining part of the hair but this time securing the ends with a bobby pin and pinning it to the original section in the middle of your head.

Step 4
After the twists are done all over, take off the hair string and brush the hair again. Then apply some mousse to the edges and brush again. Then reapply the hair string as stated in Step 2.

See the tutorial video below:

And voila, you have your simple top knot. Don’t forget to share this on your social media pages, someone might need it too. Stay beautiful!

Video Credits: Youtube.com/Essence

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