‘You Are A Big Shame To Womanhood’ – See Why A Fan Said This To Actress Rukky Sanda


Nollywood actress, Rukky Sanda who is known for exposing her body when it comes to her dressing probably took it to far this time as fans blasted her for her indecency.

Rukky Sanda wore this b**bs revealing dress to a birthday party of London’s best cook for African dishes, Adenike Mustapha in London in company of two of her colleagues, Ebube Nwagbo and Oge Okoye.

Osun Defender reports that fans have blasted her for her mode of dressing saying she is a disgrace to womanhood but it seems Rukky isn’t moved let alone bothered by what anyone thinks of her dressing.

However, after the picture of the party hit the internet, she received massive lashing from fans, who were obviously not happy at her supposedly shameful behaviors. Some of them were not merciful in describing her in unprintable names. They wondered why a public figure would dress the way she did to an event.

According to some fans ‘Rukky Sanda should be ashamed of herself,’‘That is why actresses are seen as women of easy virtue, they behave just like them.’ One of the vividly angry fans said ‘she is just a big disgrace to womanhood, she should be taught a good lesson.’

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