This Means War! “I’ll Keep Exposing Shameless Married Men” – Ese Walter Exposes Another Man


Ese Walter is back to the headlines this time, to ‘deal’ with another alleged married cheating man in a position of power.

For those who missed it, Ese Walter was involved in an alleged sexual scandal with the senior pastor of COZA , Biodun Fatoyinbo who neither denied or admitted to the accusation.

She has taken to twitter to attack Emeka Obasi of Hallmark newspapers threatening to expose him in 24 hours for demanding for sexual favors from her. She’s on rampage.

Read her tweets below:

Anyone know Mr Emeka Obasi of Hallmark Newspaper? Tell him he messed with the wrong crazy. More on that in 24hrs.

— Ese Walter (@esewalter) November 11, 2013


…because I wrote a blog about Pastor Biodun and I, suddenly all the men think they can get in my pants? Keep coming and I’d keep exposing — Ese Walter (@esewalter) November 11, 2013


I really don’t care what the world thinks about me.I will keep exposing those shameless married men who use position to harass women… — Ese Walter (@esewalter) November 11, 2013


At this point I have nothing left to lose. I am unashamed. I am Ese Walter. I have earned my stripes!

— Ese Walter (@esewalter) November 11, 2013


@ayoedinger I choose my battles. And this is the fight I have chosen. You really don’t want to go all preachy on me, trust me, you don’t!

— Ese Walter (@esewalter) November 11, 2013


@NkemJosh you really think I need to answer that question? Please be guided! — Ese Walter (@esewalter) November 11, 2013

They think because I CHOSE to be quiet that I am weak? LOL! True, I am one woman but I got a mighty pen. And it’s about to get nasty again!! — Ese Walter (@esewalter) November 11, 2013


And for the small flies on the wall who think their opinions count, it doesn’t. Shut your voiceless selves up already. Getting bored of y’al

— Ese Walter (@esewalter) November 11, 2013

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