#Trending: Shocking ‘Sharkeisha’ Girl Violence Video Goes Viral On Twitter


This is the viral video that has taken Twitter by storm. It shows a girl, named Sharkeisha, beating the hell out of a girl named Shay. The video has been banned from Instagram. The video includes audio of her friend being shocked by Sharkeisha’s behavior, yelling at her, “Don’t kick her, Sharkeisha!”.

Here’s the full clip, via WorldStarHipHop:

Sharkeisha replies: “You was supposed to be my n*****, but where the f*** was you going? Who the f*** was you trying to f***?!” It’s not clear from the video what makes Sharkeisha snap but its obvious she thinks her man was stolen.

The video first appeared online on the night of November 26. Within hours the video was all over Instagram and Twitter with her name trending across social media.

On November 26, Queen Sharkeisha (formerly Sharkeisha Boss Ass) had some 400 followers. By the evening of November 27 she had 25,000 and counting. No wonder she’s beginning to feel like a celebrity when she should be behind bars for this evil deed.

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