3 Lessons From Khleo Kardashian And Lamar Odom’s Failed Marriage

For some weird reasons, i liked Khloe and Lamar to some extent. Maybe its the cute height difference or how playful they can get sometimes. i also liked how Khloe catered for Lamar and how she tried to keep their business from her family. i could count lots of things i liked about them but that’s just Reality Tv Show which is actually not reality as we all know. See 3 lessons from Khleo Kardashian and Lamar Odom’s failed marriage.




Short duration courtships don’t work just like in the case of Kloe and Lamar, they had been together for 30days and they totally thought it was realistic to get married.  The feeling of love could trick one you know, its like so much blood running through the head, its usually adviceable to wait for all the blood to run through before making decisions.

Ask Yourself over again, is this suppose to be for a Short time or a Life time. This is important because we are not suppose to date every opposite s3x we meet and not every relationship we start is meant for a life time. You would only know what’s meant to be a life time deal after you have successfully crossed the short time lane so slow down, give and take more loving, be sure if you want this same person to give and get your love till you both pass away. (Yes, pass away! lol)

Don’t make your love life a reality show. Its just like what they say about tattooing  your boo’s name on your body and the love you both once shared starts tearing apart. This is almost the same as putting your affair on Tv, BBM,Twitter and other social medias, its like having 200 people carry and pass your new born baby amongst themselves. That’s too dangerous for the baby’s tender body and health.



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