4 Lessons From Toke Makinwa And Maje Ayida’s Break Up



Don’t date anyone for that long. In Toke’s interview she  stated the duration of her last relationship as one of her mistakes “One of the mistakes I made in my last relationship is that we dated for a long time”  Marriage can never be compared to dating, being in a marriage for 12years comes with more packages and surprises than in dating. Dating for closely 5 years is already getting over board, talk more 12.

Be who you want your partner to be because it all starts with you. if you want a God-fearing partner, an understanding partner, first be that person before you ask her partner to be that person for you.

Its never too late to call things off as long as you haven’t said the words ‘i do’. Dating is a passage, please don’t manage. Its extremely silly to some people when you say you dated for over 6years and now its all over but its okay to be silly now than live the rest of your life with the man or woman that stopped being a source of your joy a long time ago.  Walking out of a long term relationship is never easy but it better than walking out of a marriage.

Try to end things on a platonic note. For Toke and Maje, its pretty obvious that they didn’t close things up on a fair note but its always better not to hate each other after a breakup. You’ll heal faster without hatred bottled up inside of you.

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