4 Things Not To Do After A Bad Break Up

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Don’t run,allow yourself to feel the hurt when you need to. As much as it is advisable to get yourself occupied with fun and distracting things after you just had a major breakup, its also okay for you to acknowledge that you are hurting and help yourself to heal so that you don’t breakdown badly when you can nolonger run from the memories of your ex. Allow yourself to feel the hurt but don’t encourage self pity. You will miss them, acknowledge that you miss them to yourself, talk about how you are feeling to one or two persons, this will only reduce your hurt and gradually make you a stronger person.

Don’t Let yourself hate your ex, work it out in your mind because, hating your ex just makes you more vulnerable to their actions. They become too trendy in your thought and this might just damage you.  The hatred feeling will pop up sometimes, you have to help yourself to manage and contain how you feel.

Avoid a rebound relationship. Its okay to go on several dates right after a terrible breakup but its so not okay to go into a relationship that quickly. After a major breakup, you will possible start feeling the heavy urge of getting some serious love but you’ll have to slow yourself down. A rebound relationship can be really dangerous and can lead to another dramatic breakup.

Make sure you are not about to date the same type of guy or girl. Some people love their ex so much that their subconscious that looking for another person that has the same qualities as the former. When you start dating someone that has all the qualities of your ex, you might actually be loving your ex in another body and that can lead to a very bad ending for your emotions.

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